Advanced Shipping Options & Multi-Branch Kit for WooCommerce

Thank you for purchasing Stora - Advanced Shipping Options & Multi-Branch Kit for WooCommerce plugin by AlThemist. We hope you'll enjoy working with it. Before you get started with Stora, please be sure to always check these documentation files. We tried to make it as easier as possible to handle the Stora plugin and almost every feature is deeply explained with visual materials to help you get started.

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Stora is a modern and powerful WooCommerce plugin, that gives you the freedom to create your own shipping zones, multiple store locations and custom shipping methods for each of them.

You can easily controll who can order from your store, limit the order hours and set custom shipping charges based on zone, radius and driving distance. You can even combine features like charging flat rate + fee for driving distance per kilometer/mile, but only if it falls into a certain radius from your store.

Shipping Zones
  • Draw custom zones on map
  • Set radius restrictions
  • Charge by flat rate, driving distance ot combined
  • Customer location check popup
Multi Branch
  • Unlimited branches (stores)
  • Branch manager
  • Producs per branch (store)
  • Branch order hours (working time)
Delivery Date / Time
  • Date and Time picker for delivery
  • Integrated with Order Hours
  • Overwrite settings per branch
  • Mandatory or Optional
Order Hours
  • Limit orders outside working time
  • Set holidays
  • Show countdown until open again
  • Overwrite settings per branch


In order to use the Stora plugin make sure you have the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce on your self-hosted site. The plugin has been tested with the latest version of WooCommerce (6.2.1).

1. Install The Plugin

In order to install this plugin you must have a working version of WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin already installed and active. For information on installing the WordPress platform, please see the WordPress Codex. Upon downloading the main .zip file from CodeCanyon, you'll have all files you need inside. Extract the .zip file you downloaded and inside you will find the plugin zip file called "", that is the file you need to install.

Follow the steps below to install via Wordpress admin dashboard.

That's it. The Stora plugin is now active on your website.

There are two ways to update your Stora plugin - Manual and Automatic.

1. Automatic Updates

In order to get automatic plugin updates, make sure you have installed the Envato Market plugin.

With this plugin installed and configured, everytime there is an update it would be available for download and installation through the native Wordpress updates engine.

2. Manual Update via FTP

Follow the steps below to install via FTP.

One of the most powerful features of Stora plugin is it's custom shipping zones functionality. With this powerful tool you can create unlimited custom delivery zones by drawing directly on Google Maps and assign different shipping methods to each zone.


The first step is to set your Stora Settings. In order to use those features, you'd need to have 2 (two) different Google Maps API Keys.

For the Primary key it is recommended to restrict it by HTTP referrer (web site), so it can only be used on your domain. For this key you'd need to enable following APIs: Places API, Geocoding API, Distance Matrix API

The Secondary key is needed to serve Distance Matrix API requests which is used for calculation of distance based shipping rates. This Key should NOT be restricted by HTTP referrers (web sites) and only need the Distance Matrix API activated

If you don't have API keys, see how to Generate Google Maps JavaScript API key

On this page you can also enable/disable the New Order Push Notifications functionality

Important: If you set branches, each of them will have it's own location set on map.


Important: If you set branches, each of them will have it's own date time settings.


As the branches are type of product taxonomy their individual settings and creation panel are located under the main Products menu. In order to get there, just hover over the Products admin menu and choose Stora Branch Locations.

In case you have more than one location and they offer different products, you can use the Different Products in Branches option.

In order to do that, you'd need to enable the option under Stora Settings > Branch Locations.

Important: Having this option enabled would not allow your users to browse the site without specifying their delivery address OR preffered pickup location.

Now that you have the option enabled, for each product you can specify where it is available in the product edit screen (bellow the product tags selector).

When the user confirms their delivery or pickup location, only products from selected branch will be displayed on the site (on shop page, category pages and even in shortcodes)


Important: If you set branches, each of them will have it's own order hours settings.


Another important feature of Stora plugin is the Instant Push Notifications popup with sound allert for new orders. It works accross all browsers on Desktop and Chrome on Android.

With Stora plugin you’ll never miss a new order and your clients will be served as fast as possible.

This feature doesn't have settings other than turning it ON/OFF

If using branches, you can assign users as branch managers, so they will only receive notifications for orders in their branches

In order to Receive notifications about new orders, you'd need to turn this feature ON under Stora Settings > General tab. Please note that your site needs to be running on secure connection (SSL enabled with HTTPS protocol).

Make sure notifications are allowed on your browser settings. If so, you'll be prompted to recieve notifications from your own site. You'd need to allow them in your browser. Now, as long as browser is opened, even in background mode (using another app on your device or your phone is locked you will receive notifications with sound for every new order. Keep in mind that in order to save server resources, the system checks for new orders every 30 seconds, so allow some time when testing.


When the general and advanced shipping settings are alredy set you can continue with creating your delivery areas. Custom Delivery areas can be created or edited under Stora Shipping Areas page.

Areas are created the same way you create new pages or posts. The only difference is that you need to "draw" them over a map. By using the map zoom you can create extremely precize areas.

Zones can even overlap and you'll be able to set different price rules for each area.





Shipping zones for Stora Shipping Areas are created as with any other theme in the WooCommerce settings > shipping tab. This is not plugin related, so if you are not familiar how it works, here is a great documentation by WooCommerce

When you create your shipping zones it's time to set shipping methods for them. This is where Stora offers great flexibility of options. You can still use the standard WooCommerce shipping methods (Flat rate, Free Shipping or Local Pickup), but if you want to use the full potential of the plugin's delivery areas you'd need to create a "Stora Shipping Areas Method".

The custom Stora Shipping Areas Method gives you a number of additional options.

The Location Confirmation Popup is a very important tool when the store delivers to certain locations only and you need to verify the customer's address before they make an order.

In order to use this feature, you'd need to enable it under Stora Settings > Branch Locations > Location Confirmation Popup.

Important: Using this functionality requires at least one branch to be created in stora Branch Locations. Even if you only have a single store/location, you'd need to define it as a branch location, because the user address is checked against shipping zones and/or radius of a particular branch.

You can set the popup to show delivery, local pickup or both options, depending on your business model.

For delivery, the user must first enter a valid address. It it falls within the service area the client can choose which branch they like to order from (if more than one serve the given address). When different branches offer different products, the user will only see products from selected branch displayed on the site (on shop page, category pages and even in shortcodes)

For local pickup, the users doesn't have to validate an address. They can simply choose which branch they want to order from.

With this feature enabled, it is recommended not to create a standard WooCommerce Local Pickup shipping method and only use the theme one.

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