Reply To: Woocommerce shopping methods


Hello nikguk,

We can’t continue testing your site as it looks like it doesn’t exist anymore. There is a “403 Forbidden” page on your domain.

However, please note that when there is only one payment method available, the radio button is hidden as there is no choice to be made. That’s absolutely normal and it’s the same with any theme. Other than that – I really don’t understand the nature of the problem. As I already explained, this is related to the fact that you have restrictions for payment methods on certain delivery methods. We are running the latest versions of the theme and the WooCommerce system on our environment and placing an order works as expected.

Did you tried what we suggest – remove all shipping methods and leave only the default ones? When you confirm it works fine with the default methods, start adding your other methods one by one and see which of them is causing the trouble? This would be the easiest way to determine where and what is not properly set.