Reply To: Events Calender Search bar


Hi Ariadne,

There is something really strange happening, but are not able to tell precisely what it is. We saw the problem on your site before, but now even there it works fine (somehow).

We tried searching for events and it works as expected. Tried searching for “Tanzen” and it returns the correct result in list view, not calendar view. Also tried searching for event on 29.01.2020 and it worked as expected again. The “Show / Hide Search” button also wors as expected. No more jumping.

Also, When we reach the URL directly it works fine.

However, when we make a search (it’d change the URL in the browser’s address bar) and get the result, if we press the browser’s back button, than the calendar view is displayed.

We literally spent countless hours trying to locate the problem or at least replicate it on our servers and we couldn’t. We guess it’s related to some plugin conflict OR some server setting, but can’t point which one.

My only suggestion here is to try making a clean installation on a different server with just the minimum of required plugins and test there.

Unfortunately, there is nothing more to offer as help. We can offer a refund, but we know after spending so much time trying to build that website, it’s not what you need or want. I guess you just want a working site and we can’t find the problem. However, If you want it we will refund you right away.