Reply To: Events Calender Search bar


Hey Dimitar,

it doesn’t seem to be a server problem neither. I work with all-inkl, quite a professional Host actually. And I already have a premium account there.

I actually created a completely new side on a subdomain, re-installed wordpress, your theme and the event plugins completely from scratch and it actually all worked. So it does not seem to be a server issue neither.

That’s why I decided to make a complete re-installation of my side then.

BUT THERE IS A NEW CHALLENGE NOW -> Yesterday, modern tribe made a complete relaunch of its event calender plugin. Please have a look at

There might be some theme adoptions necessary.

I upgradet the plugin at one of my test sides and the sceleton view looks like this so far.

Before I completely recreate my side – I have to know as fast as possible what your plans are concerning the relaunch of the events calender plugin. I definitely do not want to recreate everything and then the theme is adapted to the pluin upgrade and all will be “broken” again.

Could you please give a a short feedback today?

If there will be a major update from your side as well (in reaction to the major update of the events calender plugin) I really have to know it as soon as possible before I start to recreate my whole side.

I really much look forward to a short feedback on this, as soon as possible. All my work depends on this.