Reply To: Responsive Problem


Hello Hello greenandred1997,

I have just checked your site and I can confirm it’s extremely slow. Even the Coming Soon page takes 5 seconds to load, which is insane.

I an see your server is Ok and also it’s LiteSpeed enabled.

May it’s not properly configured OR your W3Total Cache plugin is not properly configured. Basically W3TC is highly not recommended especially in the last 2 years. It can dramatically slow down your website if not properly configured and pretty heavy too.

I’d suggest removing W3TC and cleaning all caching files from the server and check again. If it’s still the same, you’d probably need to consult with your hosting support team, as this is not normal.

Our site (this site) is running on the same theme (Rigid) and you can see it loads under 1 second on most pages, so it’s definitely not theme related.

Another thing I have noticed is that your hosting doesn’t fully support WordPress requirements:

Hope this helps.