Reply To: Vendor Shop Page


Hello laagom,

1. The vendors list doesn’t work, because you use another plugin. The one on the demo is running on WCMp and tyou’re using WCFM. Our shortcode works with WCMp and WC Vendors. For WCFM you’d need to use their own shortcode and insert it manually.

Not really sure what do you mean by “FOr the shop page, there is no option at all which you have in your Marketplace demo.”. Please, explain more.

2. Again, that’s because you’re using a different multi-vendor plugin. We are using WC Marketplace (WCMp) and you are using WCFM. Each plugin have it’s own vendor shop design. Also, it looks like you’re using more that one multi-vendor plugin. The link leads to a page with Dokan shortcode. It’s absolutely impossible to have more than one vendors plugin installed.

If using WC Marketplace and configure it properly, everything will be OK.