Reply To: Vendor Shop Page


Hello Vaibhav,

I am afraid there is no pages to be sent, as we are using WC Marketplace on our demo and not WC Vendors. These are two different plugins and you can’t use pages from the one plugin to a site built with the other plugin.

You’d need to manually create those pages following the instructions from the plugin install wizard. This is not even theme related. The only way to get the pages automatically would be if you install WC Marketplace first and than import the marketplace demo. Otherwise, you’d need to create them manually.

Also, please note that there will be differences in the design when using WC Vendors. The Vendors shop apge would be different, the vendor dashboard and the vendors list too.

Basically you may use the main demo instead of the marketplace demo and you can also use the WC Vendors instead of WC Marketplace but everything would look slightly different and you’d need to set it manually.