Reply To: Responsive Problem


Hello greenandred1997,

The only way to replace and icon will be with custom CSS.

Something like this:

.fa.fa-linkedin:before {
    content: "\f0e1" !important;

The WP Bakery Page Builder and Revolution slider are so-called “Bundled Plugins”. Basically they are fully functional and doesn’t require a license, but you can’t update them automatically. Updates are shipped via theme updates.

It’s the same with any other theme. Here is the official Envato position on “Bundled Plugins”

The correct order for installation would be:

1. Install and Enbale Rigid Theme
2. Install all theme plugins (Rigid Plugin, WP Bakery, WooCommerce, Wishlist, Mailchimp For WordPress and WC Marketplace)
3. Import the demo
4. Install the child theme ONLY IF NEEDED

Hope this helps.