Reply To: Constant Login Dropdown Menu


Hello elganza,

What I am trying to explain is that the passwords panel have nothing to do with the theme, so it’s definitely not a “bug” in the theme itself. It’s part of your browser’s (not really the browser but iOS to be 100% correct) save passwords functionality and not something that can’t be controlled from the theme. Actually, no other device would ever show saved passwords unless the login for is “focused”.

The only thing we can do is to work with you and try to find a “hack” for the situation, as there is really no semantic way to avoid this. Unfortunately, our devices can’t use the latest iOS and it doesn’t look like your screenshot on our end, so we’d need your cooperation in order to help.

Please, put the following code in Apparance > Customize > Additional CSS field and check if the “saved passwords field is still visible on the page:

.lafka-header-account-link-holder {
    display: none !important;
} {
    display: -webkit-flex !important;
    display: flex !important;

Also, please check if the login form reveal/hide animation still works fine, as on some browsers it may be affected.