Reply To: Responsive Problem


1. Sorry, that was my mistake. The correct code should be as follows:

.fa.fa-linkedin:before {
    content: "\f3fe" !important;

2. If the icons in theme options doesn’t load, it’s either an old version of the theme OR you’d need to clear your browser’s cache (reload the page with Ctrl+F5)

3. I have just checked your website and the login forms and vendor registration form looks absolutely normal. What do you mean by “Forms Get Simple And dont Have Any style for Boxes”? Please, explain more

4. A server may support wordpress requirements, but still be slow, especially on a shared hosting, where there are many sites on the server. Anyways, I have already gave you a screenshot from your system where it clearly says:

Remote post: wp_remote_post() failed. Contact your hosting provider. 403
Remote get: wp_remote_get() failed. Contact your hosting provider.

These features are required for the smooth work of the WordPress system.

Also, I’d suggest moving to PHP 7.2 or 7.3 as they are considerably faster.

Your host have a 2,6s TTFB and 4.2s for First Paint, which indicates a slow server. A normal TTFB value would be bellow 0,2s.

Check the “Timings” tab here:

I don’t know where you site is hosted, but I’d suggest moving to a reliable host like SiteGround

Hope this helps.