Reply To: Page header : tear out design option


Hi jamal,

It looks like you’re using WC Vendors, so there is nothing to be done. WC Vendors is the only plugin that do not prefix the vendor shop page with a specific class on the body tag, so there is simply no way to hide the title on that type of page only. We have already discussed this issue with their support, but still waiting their developers to include a body class on their pages.

Unfortunately, we just can’t help in this case.



Hello everybody! Please, accept our sincere appologies for the delaeyd support last 2 weeks. One of our team members was diagnosed with Covid-19 and we were isolated without the chance to leave home or access our office. We are now back to work and slowly catching up with delayed support tickets. We expect the queue to be cleared and everything to be back to normal schedule by Monday, 29th of June.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

Best regards,
Althemist team