Reply To: Products in Product Category does not display correctly in page 2


Hello Sandeep,

Sorry for the late reply.

There is something on that page breaking the layout. Also, there is a JS error related to your captcha integration. It’s definitely not a theme problem. It’s either because of the captcha related JS error, OR there is something wrong with your product “Plume Gauloise 750EF”. I guess it’s the second option. Could you, please try do temporary disable that product and see if it’d fix the problem? If so, we can search the problem from there.



Hello everybody! Please, accept our sincere appologies for the delaeyd support last 2 weeks. One of our team members was diagnosed with Covid-19 and we were isolated without the chance to leave home or access our office. We are now back to work and slowly catching up with delayed support tickets. We expect the queue to be cleared and everything to be back to normal schedule by Monday, 29th of June.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

Best regards,
Althemist team