Reply To: Couple Issues


Hello reald3votio,

1. The subtitle on the search page is actually the subtitle used for the shop page. It’s the same page, just the products are filtered by your query. If you want to completely get rid of the subtitle, you can delete it from Theme Options > Shop

2. What do you mean by “left menu header menu items”? Please, explain more.

3. The “little plus thing” – I guess what you are talking about is the pre-header widget area. You’d need assign a widget area for it in the Theme Options > Seddebars and than place some widgets in that area under Appearance > Widgets. Just like any other widget area in WordPress.

4. For the account page problem, we’d need to see the problem “live”, as we really can’t understand what do you mean.

Also, do you really need to break lines of your messages? It makes them really hard to read and follow.