Reply To: Search Products


Hi Lucy,

I am afraid there is nothing to be done here. It’s not theme related, it’s how search works in WordPress and WooCommerce. It would only detect the search term in the title and content, so you can’t search by category, SKU or other attribute.

As for the search form in content – it doesn’t sound like you have something deleted, as the product search widget is not included in the page builder elements. Basically, you can do the following:

Create a new custom sidebar called “Content Search” under Theme Options > Sidebars

Under Appearance > Widgets assign an instance of the Products Search widget to the newly created custom sidebar.

Open the page where you want the search bar to appear and place a “Widgetized Sidebar” content element using the page builder. Set this element to use the custom sidebar and you’re good to go. We are using the same approach in our Marketplace Demo.

Hope this helps.