Reply To: Pending Order – Accept


Hello paradocx.web,

2. Yes, I guess it’s not like an alarm clock, but it’s just a “ping” sound, so it can’t be like a buzzer. On a desktop/laptop computer it would be muted if the page is minimized. This can’t be avoided, as this is how browsers work. However, on a mobile device it would work even if the page is minimized and the phone is locked.

3. Trying to open the Cart page on you site leads to the My Account Page, which leads me to believe that at least the cart page is not properly set in the WooCommerce Settings. Also, it looks like your checkout page is set to use the Shop page, as there is the entire shop content displayed bellow the checkout form.

As I already suggested, make sure your SHOP page is set correctly under WooCommerce > Settings > Products and also that the cart, checkout and account pages are set correctly under WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced.