Reply To: Can’t change hero images and can’t translate


Hello lazarn.94,

1. The hero images and page title backgrounds for the pages are set in two different ways:

1.1. Some of the pages have a title background image. For most pages, this is set in the page settings (the right-hand column of settings when you edit the page). Only for the main shop page and the blog page the title background image is set under Theme Options > Shop tab and blog tab. Also, product categories have their own setting when you edit the category.

1.2. Some pages (e.g. the Home page) have an image background assigned to the first Row element in the page content.

2. Some of the text strings are located in the theme plugin (Lafka plugin), so you should also look there, not only in the theme.

3. Not really sure what do you mean about the call button. Could you, please explain more and provide a link, so we can check?