Reply To: Product Filter Issues


Hi Dimitar,

I read your answers regarding the product filter and found this passage:

“Actually there is no “issue” there. ALL AJAX functions of our filters engine are meant to be used with the RIGID PRODUCT FILTER widget. The native woo filter widget and the native woo active filters widget can’t work with AJAX.

It’s clearly stated in the theme options that this feature

Enables AJAX for the price filter, sorting, products per page and “Rigid Product Filter” widget

If you prefer the native filters functionality, just disable the AJAX option and all custom theme options (price filter, products per-page selector, AJAX option etc.). WooCommerce offers their own price filter and attribute filters if you like them more.”

I would like to use an AJAX filter with a slider option for product attributes (such as percentage, etc.). Currently I’m using the plugin PRODUCT FILTER FOR WOOCOMMERCE, which enables the described function, but the AJAX filtering is not working.
Is AJAX filtering generally not working with other plugins if I’m not using the RIGID PRODUCT FILTER? Or is there another way to make the AJAX filtering with the PRODUCT FILTER FOR WOOCOMMERCE work? Or do I have to try different plugins and find one, which works?

Thank you for your time.

Best regards