Reply To: Shop page displays backwards when login and browser cache casuing issues


Hello custardcolonel,

1. This is definitely not theme related problem. Most probably you’d need to “recount terms” and “Regenerate Product lookup tables” under WooCommerce > Status > Tools. This can usually happen when updating woocommerce to newer version.

2. Not really sure what do you mean about caching. How come the “browser caching on this theme is awful”? The theme itself doesn’t have any caching built-in. Please explain.

As for errors after editing functions.php – it clearly states that the edited code contains errors. If you’re not an experienced developer you should not make nay changes there. Also, directly editing the functions.php is very dangerous. You should use the child theme and make changes in it’s functions.php

The vendor recent products are probably related to the first problem. This is not theme related. Removing the header on shop is also part of the multi-vendor plugin functionality. It’s not from the theme, so you should probably consult with the plugin support team.