Reply To: Shop page displays backwards when login and browser cache casuing issues


Hello custardcolonel,

1. There are no errors in our functions.php. That’s absolutely sure – otherwise the theme would not work at all. I have read your comments very carefully, you can be sure.

2. The product sort problem – if you were right, it’d be the same on our demo. As you can see both logged in and not logged in users see the the same product sorting. There could be some plugin on your site causing the trouble. We can’t really tell as never saw your site and how it behaves. If you provide a link and temporary admin access, we may try to investigate further.

Also, the fact that there are different results for logged in and logged out users strongly suggests there is a problem with the server cache, not browser cache. Browsers don’t make a difference between the two. Caching plugins do!

3. As an experienced developer yourself, could you please tell us exactly where do you “click update without doing anything and it shgows the errors that are inbulit into the theme”?

4. As I already explained, the theme itself doesn’t have ANY in-built caching mechanism.

5. The “massive header” – the are multiple header options. We can’t know what are you talking about without even seeing your site. At least provide a working link where we can see the problem “live”. It’s starnge you call it “ugly” as you decided to purchase the theme. Sounds like you liked it at that moment.

6. Last, but not least – Please, note that we are trying to HELP YOU and we would not tolerate such a language! If you really believe we suck and our theme is full of bugs, please kindly apply for a refund and keep using Oean WP. We would gladly approve your refund request.

This is a 5-stars rated theme and most of the ratings are for support and code quality. Near 1000 buyers are using the theme on their live shops and no one ever reported such a problem, so I would suggest you consider the possibility that there is something else wrong on your installation and if you really need us to help you calm down and keep the communication positive.

Dimitar Koev