Reply To: Fatal error – Woocommerce 4.0


I downgraded the PHP version to 7.2.29 and tried again but issue is stil not fixed.
Same issue has always. Woocommerce data base update does not finish.
If I go to “see progress” in Woocommerce-Status-Scheduled actions, I can see two messages:
– “Schedule actions migration is in process. Schedule actions list may be incomplete”.
– “Next queue will start in aproximatly 5 secs”.

In other hand, in Woocommerce-Status-Register,I can see Fatal error detail:
“2020-04-15T15:49:33+00:00 CRITICAL Uncaught InvalidArgumentException: Acción 1 no identificada in /home/customer/www/
Stack trace:
#0 /home/customer/www/ ActionScheduler_wpPostStore->get_date_gmt(‘1’)
#1 /home/customer/www/ ActionScheduler_wpPostStore->get_date(‘1’)
#2 /home/customer/www/ ActionScheduler_HybridStore->get_date(‘1’)
#3 /home/customer/www/ ActionScheduler_wcSystem en /home/customer/www/ en la línea 495”