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Hello Longer Summers,

1. You can simply build a coming soon page without site navigation and assign it as a “Home page”. The theme offers a “blank page” template (no header, footer and menu) and also a Coundown timer if you wish.

Alternatively, you can use a special plugin (there are many free plugins like this). With a plugin, the good thing is that the website will be in Coming Soon mode for everyone except the site admin (easier to work on the site and navigate it).

2. The “Restaurant menu” functionality only offers 3 positions for options. This functionality is built for simpler menus. If you need to use the full power of the theme, you’d probably need to use WooCommerce products as they are way more flexible.

That’s exactly the case with link you posted – these are NOT menu entries, but WooCommerce products. With real WooCommerce products you can have as many “variations” you wish (e.g. size S/M/L/Family), you can add unlimited number of addons (e.g. toppings, crust type etc.), upsell and cross sell products (e.g. – would like fries with that burger) etc.

If you have imported the demo data, all those options would be already enabled. Otherwise, you’d need to enable them following the instructions in the theme documentation:

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,