Reply To: Coming Soon, More Options


Hello Longer Summers,

Sorry for the late reply. We had some unexpected problems in the office.

1. Yes, you can import demo data under Theme Options > Import demo tab. You can choose the demo that suits your needs best.

2. No, there is no reason why you should NOT install the demo. IT was made to give you a quick start, so you can see how are things done. You can simply replace the existing content with yor own and delete whatever you don’t need.

3. The WP Bakery will be updated with a theme update later today.

4. Basically, the “Restaurant Menu” functionality was built for those restaurants that don’t want to offer online orders. It’s a static menu list. However, you can still link menu items to existing woocommerce (sellable) products. You don’t need to use them both. If you plan to offer online orders and delivery (or local pickup) you can only use WooCommerce products.

5. Global addons can be applied to a specific group of products – e.g. product category. So, if you create a “Salad toppings”, you’d need to assign them to the Salads category. For the pizza toppings you’d need to create a new group and associate it with the pizza category.

The “Build your pizza” product types have the global addons disabled (excluded) and using the per-product addons.

6. Yes, the demo offers almost a complete site. You can use it to learn how it works and than delete the things you don’t need. It’s the same with any theme offering demo data import. We don’t think it’s overwhelming. It’s just the standard learning curve for such a complex product.

However, if you really think you’d like a refund, we’d approve it.