Reply To: Fatal error – Woocommerce 4.0


Finally I did yesterday the tables deletion but something was wrong and there was a fatal error. I restored a backup from hosting platform.
Process was like that:
1- I launched Woocommerce update from 3.9.1 to 4.0.1 version. Result ok.
2- Woocommerce data base update started automatically. Result no ok, 11 pending actions in queue and no end ( as always).
3- Cache deleted and WordPress closed.
4- The 4 tables indicated deleted from PHPMyAdmin.
5- Try to log in to my WordPress site but not possible. Message says Fatal error. –>

Should I delete those tables before Woocommerce update instead?

About “WooCommerce Admin” plugin, I don’t have it.

Regards and thanks again for your support.