Reply To: Filtering System


Hi ALthemist,

I already commented in another thread before but this here is more specific. I have actually the same problems like the user above and cannot solve it:

1) Translation issues: Refine Products etc is all in English but we need in in German: Loco translate is installed and I search all files, like Rigid Plugin, Woocommerce, WCMP etc but “Refine Products” is not to be found to be translated nowhere. Where are the files located?

2) Filtering issue: I have read that some filters are only for the above part, as shown in your example above ( but we dont even get simple filterig working:

2.1) How do we get these color, size, brand etc attributes into the top filter “refine products” like in your example?
2.2) How can we add vendor specific filters such as search, word-cloud, attributes etc which apply only for this shop into the sidebar (we already created a custom sidebar)

I have provided you with a vendor account in my next reply marked as private, please have a look