Reply To: Order Now – Footer Area – Space ?


Hi, thank you for your answer.

– There is a space on the bottom just before the footer, you can see it here :

– Yes, I found the widgets after a while… Sorry. But I have a question about that, on the part where you write the open times, is it possible to return to the line ? It is not HTML, so <b> dosen’t work, but is there a way ?

– Ok, I know Loco translate. But I can’t found the right “Order now”… I found one in the theme, and I changed it to french. You can see it here : But it didn’t change anything all the “Order Now” are still “Order Now”… (you can see the buttons on the same home page)
I tried to find it on Lafka plugin (and even all the other plugins…) but I can’t find “Order now” anywhere, have you an idea where it can be ?

Thank you, wainting for your answer.

P.S : I was not sure my “Ticket” get to you (coze it was not visible on the forum), so I reposted it yesterday… Sorry about that, and feel free to delete it.