Reply To: Issues with Account creation/login during checkout


Hi thewinenerd,,

We have just checked your site and double checked the theme itself. It looks like something is conflicting the woocommerce checkout scripts there.

1. The “register an account” checkbox problem could be related to your age restriction plugin or something else. can’t be 100% sure, though. I’d suggest trying to disable third-party plugins not included with the theme one by one and see if it’s fixed.

2. The login button works everywhere except on the checkout page.

There are some errors and warnings on your checkout page. Some of the caused by wrong Stripe credentials.

Also, the problem could be caused by your server settings and lack of SSL. It’s requied for WooCommerce to operate smoothly.

Unfortunately, as the problem is not theme related (you can see it works fine on the theme demo) we can’t provide much help other than some directions.