Reply To: Truncated Product Title in rigid-list-prod-summary


Hi Dimitar,

Have you managed to look at this yet?

As I posted in my reply above I found that adding the CSS below achieves what I want by fixing the Product Title to 2 lines but I don’t know if it has any impact elsewhere in the Theme or whether it would be better to pad the Product Title so all are the same length.

div.prod_hold .name {
height: 30.4px;

Also, the other questions:

1) When changing the Theme Options -> Shop -> Add to Cart Button Style from Text to Icon, how can I change the icon to be a shopping trolley instead of the shopping bag? I have done this in the header but I cannot find the identifier of the icon on the Product hover box.

2) When you have the Pre Header Widget active and the Shop Notice, you cannot close the Shop Notice bar in desktop mode because the Pre Header Widget expansion icon covers the close icon of the shop notice bar. You can just about close it from a mobile phone, enough of the notice bar is shown. Is there any workaround for this?

3) Do you have a suggested image size for the title background image for Categories because the image changes for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile view…