Reply To: Text colors are different


Looks like there are more changes in the latest versions of WCV that override the theme styles. We have fixed some of them for you by placing the following CSS under Theme Options > General > Custom CSS on your site:

.wcv-grid input.wcv-button {
  color: #fff;
.wcv-navigation li a, .wcv-form .control-group .control.append-button .wcv-search-product {
  border-radius: 2em !important;
.wcv-form .control-group .control.append-button .wcv-search-product {
float:none !important;

We will check for more changes and fix whatever needed in the next update. However, be advised that we are gradually dropping support for WC Vendors and Dokan in favor of WCFM. We will keep partial support for WC Marketplace, but our main focus will be WCFM.

WCFM is far better and more powerful than WCV Pro, Dokan Pro and WCMp Pro even in it’s FREE version. Actually in the last 2 years the WCV and WCMp share is constantly falling down because of the bad quality, high prices, bad support and lack of essential features.

Our honest professional advice is to migrate to WCFM. There is a plugin for hassle-free migration and tons of helpful features you won’t find in WC Vendors.

Also, the latest version of Rigid offers tons of new features for WCFM vendors, including product videos, product addons, combo products etc.

You can see what it can do with WCFM here – and also register a test vendor account to see the dashboard, available features etc.