Reply To: google.maps.places.Autocomplete


Hi likewebcl,

We went through your questions. Here is our thoughts:
1. We don’t provide an option to set boundaries for the Autocomplete widget, neither there is a hook or something to inject a code. The only way I can think of is to edit the js file manually and keep track of it after each update of the theme and plugin. The file you need to edit is: lafka-branch-locations-front.min.js You can edit the minified version, search for “google.maps.places.Autocomplete” and just add the boundaries options according to the documentation.
We know it is not the perfect solution, but there is no a better way currently. We will discuss with the team and may add it as an option in future updates.

2. We’ve went through the code and we can’t find a place where we are calling get_cart before wp_loaded. Could you please check if the issue appear with the lafka-plugin disabled or with another theme or both. If it appears only with Lafka, then we will need a copy of the plugin you are using, as it is a pro version.

3. About the issue you describe for the user address validation in the checkout page. Actually all checks that are done in the popup are executed also on the checkout page if the user changes the address. So shipping should also be affected. Can you send us an url to the site. And temporary admin credentials, so we can check.