Reply To: google.maps.places.Autocomplete


Hi @Alex and @Althemist

video example:

In the video I show you the previously communicated error: The address that is entered in the Lafka pop-up window does not update correctly if a user decides to change the address at checkout, technically it only updates address (billing_address_1), but not city (billing_city), also this it affects the shipping configuration assigned by zone (validating the wrong city that has nothing to do with the address), another problem is that an order can be placed even if the zone is not available by configured zone (remember that this happens when the user changes address at checkout).

Commented solution: Pop-up window is updated (address and city) if user changes address in checkout.

the other solution idea would be that the payment fields cannot be edited and the address entered in the lafka pop-up window is the one valid only for billing/shipping (forcing the billing address as shipping in Woocommerce), but as commented, it is more complicated to validate this function

link image configuration business and shipping area:

Hopefully this problem can be solved quickly so that this excellent developed theme does not have these details and the incredible work done in this development is more and more perfect