Reply To: Hide address checkout in pickup and popup window closed


Hi @althemist

thank you very much for the update, some really very important functions are coming and make the work on the development of this theme amazing.
-New: Added options to set countries and bounds coordinates where Google autocomplete to look for addresses: perfect 🙂
-New: Set available order types per branch (Delivery/Local Pickup/Both), so some of your branches can offer all services and others just some of them (e.g. – pickup only): perfect 🙂

Due to this update: New: All stores closed message and countdown to next opening in order to save requests to Google API when not needed
where is the message reflected? or just hide the popup where address is entered?.. we have activated this option but it has only hidden the popup window where address is entered.

The other: Is it possible in a new update…

1.- to limit the number of orders according to the range of minutes or hours (time slot) configured by branch (time slot)?, as can be done in these plugins:

2.- Hide the address field in checkout when it is local pickup (another plugin applies it but with the dine in option):, maybe do the same in lafka with local pickup, this point would be very useful for the subject, since to withdraw locally it is not necessary to enter that data and the client is confused by this option

I look forward to your response, thank you very much for the amazing work! 🙂