Reply To: Address validation issues


Hi @Althemist

The website with lafka has been up and running for five days and these problems have been reported

//mileage error (some addresses)
I send image link now with km measurement by car and the distance is the same as indicated above, the Lafka plugin when giving km result does not match the distance according to Google, this problem was alerted by customer complaint when placing the order.
Link Image:

//shipping error to address within shipping zone enabled (some addresses)
The other problem is specifically that (some addresses) the lafka plugin is not taking valid for sending being within the zone configured for sending.
Link image:

//Responsive format
The address in the shopping cart overlaps the product selected for the order.
Link Image:


This problem happens with the last two versions:
v. 4.1.3 – 25.05.2022
v. 4.2.0 – 01.07.2022

Thank you for the support given, we are attentive to what you can communicate to us!