Reply To: Shop Banners and images not showing correctly


Hi Emily,

For the vendor logo – could you, please try adding this code under Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and see if it will fix the issue:

.avatar img {
  max-width: 100%;

As for the banners – this is how WC Vendors work. It would scale the image to cover the entire store banner area and align it to top-center.

Unfortunately, WC Vendors is currently one of the worse options when it comes to multi-vendor marketplaces. That’s why their user’s base dropped from ~60 000 to ~10 000.

This is also the reason we switch our main focus on WCFM. Even it’s FREE version is much, much better than the PRO versions of WC Vendors, WC Marketplace and Dokan. The theme still works with WC Marketplace, WC Vendors and Dokan, but all custom features are only available when using WCFM.

Our honest advice would be to move your site to WCFM.

The migration process is easy – there is an automatic migration plugin for this.

You can see the combined power of Rigid and WCFM FREE here: