Reply To: Address validation issues


Hi likewebcl,

We’ve checked with address for the branch: “Los Aviadores 25, El Bosque, 8030152, Región Metropolitana, Chile” and customer address: “Esperanza 214 – El Bosque” and the result was correct: 1.1 km.

Regarding the distance measure: We are using the Google Distance Matrix API. This service returns only one route and we don’t have control over the returning data from Google. They might had some temporary issues with the service.

Also we have checked with overlapping zones and shipping by distance, everything works fine.

Please double check all your settings on your site and summarize all the issues you have, because currently it is not clear what issues you really have. We can’t check all your settings because the account you give us doesn’t have admin permissions.

Also note that the autocomplete functionality in the popup is also provided by google. By default we’ve limited it to return only “Rooftop” addresses (this means complete addresses, with the exact street number and so on.). However in some areas google fails to understand if the address is complete, that’s why we’ve added the option: Branch Locations -> Allow Partial Address. This means, you can add partial address and rely on the costumer to enter all required data on the checkout page.