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Hi @Alex y @Althemist thank you very much for the response, follow-up and search for a solution.

Alex, What permissions besides all the Lafka configurations do you need to review on the website, since you have access to all the Lafka configurations?, we remain attentive

//ESPERANZA #214, El Bosque – OK 🙂
The km problem with the reported address Esperanza 214 El Bosque, has also been reviewed on the website and now it marks the km correctly, it could have been a Google error at the time or the updates made helped this optimization
Esperanza 214.

//shipping error to address within shipping zone enabled (some addresses)
This problem is happening with some addresses, already mentioned in this thread:

Investigating we found that the city that validates the shipment disappears at checkout (address validated by lafka), the city that validates appears as the second option in the address, with Santiago appearing, for example, as the first city (it should be noted that Santiago is the general parent city of the other cities of Chile, specifically the Metropolitan Region, where the business is), the attached image shows graphically what we are telling you:
City validate error

Thank you very much for the support and help with these problems, everything else is working perfectly… only these details that customers who place orders claim from the business for the values ​​that do not correspond!!