Reply To: Shipping Fee not working



I did as you suggested, but the issue is still present.

1. I have some shipping zones, in Hungary, they overlap, I have 1 free zone.
2. I place an order for the following address: “2030 Érd, Kovács street 6” This address should cost 800 HUF
3. Checkout page, the calculated shipping fee is “free” but 1000 HUF beeing added to the total price, because the 1000 HUF shipping zone is the first in the list, If I change to for example the 500 HUF than that amount will be added to the total regardless where it belongs or how much shipping fee is calculated.

So I see 2 issues here
3.1 The calculated shipping fee is not good.
3.2 Not the calculated shipping fee gets added to the total, instead the first in the shipping zones list.

4. I refresh the page, the calculated fee now is good, but still the amount from the first in the list of shipping zones gets added to the total.

(once i refreshed the page, even if I go back to the shop page and put more product to the cart, the calculated fee will be right, but its not added to the total the same way.

I turned off all the not essential plugins. Only the Lafka plugin, the page builder and the woocommerce was turned on.

the new shipping zone I created called “Pest” the only option I left turned on after testing is an error message for users to notify them to this function is not working at the moment, if you want to test please turn this option off and every other option on.

Many thanks