Reply To: Empty branch location field in checkout

Digital Bird

The “Closable Popup” is selected.
I want the users to be able to look at the menu without their address field being mandatory.

I think that the current lafka logic has issues:

Issue 1
Let’s say that a user enters an address in the address popup and later during checkout modifies its address field or edits the pin from the map (There is a message that prompts the user to do so if the pin is not accurate).
In that case, the selected branch remains in the initial option that was given from the popup.
So the selected branch may not serve the user’s new address.
In addition, the order will be only visible to a store manager that cannot serve this area.

Issue 2
Let’s say that a user closes the address popup and completes address fields only during checkout.
The order will not be assigned to any of the branches, so none of the store managers will receive this order.
In addition, this order might be in a place outside of lafka shipping areas and we won’t serve this customer.

Thank you