Reply To: Empty branch location field in checkout



I see what you mean.

About issue 1:
This can be controlled with setting the shipping methods to use the same areas as the branch. If the customer pinpoints to location outside of the areas, then its address can’t be served by selected branch and he can choose another branch. You can choose where to show the “select location/ branch selection” box from “Branch Locations” -> Show Branches Info Box in

About issue 2:
That’s why the you can turn off this option and not allow customers to enter the site without selecting branch. “Branch Locations” -> Closable Popup. If you want the users to be able to enter and not be able to order until they select branch, then you need to limit your shipping methods to their particular branches. From shipping method edit, branch field.

Here is some more info on how shipping methods work in WooCommerce in general:

Hope this helps.