Reply To: Responsive Header Image


Essentially I just want to know if it’s possible to set the background position so that the main part of the image is shown on a mobile device. If you look now for example on Mobile you’ll see that only a part of the background of the image is shown, but the main image is of a woman wearing sunglasses. On a PC you can see the whole picture an looks great, on Mobile you can’t see any of the woman at all, just part of the background which has no relevance and looks terrible.

How can I set the background image position so that the part of the image shows well on a mobile device? (please also read my comment above if you missed it, I only set the slider to ‘not show on mobile’ yesterday because it looks terrible at the moment, but even that didn’t work and it still had a huge white space when I removed it. I’ve now changed it back so if you check now on mobile device you will see the problem.

Many thanks