Reply To: WordPress access


1. As I already explained, you have the image applied as a header background under Theme Options > Header Settings which is wrong!

2. It looks like you are using Elementro, while the theme was built to work exclusively with WP Bakery Page Builder.

3. We can’t tell you which plugins to keep. It’s your website.

4. Check the answer to question #1

5. It is NOT a widget, as I already explained. Each category must be edited with your own options, uncluding thumbnail image.

6. We have already explained this too – at the moment a post is set as a home page. This is not theme related. It’s a WordPress setting.

7. Please check the answer on question #6

8. Already explained that in order to use the map you’d need Google Maps API key.

9. I don’t see a horizontal menu in your footer. There is an option to set footer menu, but it looks like it’s disabled on your site.

10. We don’t see Mailchimp error on your site.

11. You can’t “adjust it” It takes the lowest and highest prices automatically.

12. It doesn’t say WCFM, but experienced users will recognize the WCFM control panel.

13. Everything seems fine to me with the product images –

14. The best way to translate WordPress themes and plugins would be with Loco Translate:

Loco Translate

15. This is specific for every website needs. We can’t tell you what to use.

16. You’d need to leave 60-80px padding to the content area as it is in the demo.

17. Yes it does. The theme was built to work exclusively with WP Bakery

18. Each image have it’s own recommended dimensions. For the vendors banner the settings are set by you in the WCFM control panel.

Don’t get me wrong, no offense meant, but it looks like you are not familiar even with the WordPress basics. I’d suggest hiring an experienced freelancer to help you with this.