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    I am a developer(junior-mid) implementing your theme for a fashion designer store. First of all, congrats for the theme. It’s been great working with it so far and my customer loves it.
    I have a few questions/suggestions for you guys, so here comes a pretty long post 🙂 .

    GDPR matters

    1) How much is your theme optimized for GDPR law? I’ve read that I need to inform the user about data collection on each form where they input some of their data. How can/should I approach this? Anything noteworthy from your past experiences ?
    2) Can I add a GDPR modal/cookie policy popup from the theme’s functionality ? Or can you recommend some compatible plugin that does this ?

    Custom post types/Portfolio post type/Custom fields

    The story here is my customer will have more than one type of portfolio items. One would be celebrities wearing the items, one would be lookbooks for past collections and another one with galleries from random events and photo shootings.

    1) Where can I rename portfolio custom fields ? For example rename Model to Item
    2) Can I add more fields with Advanced Custom Fields and edit the page template ?
    2) Where can I change breadcrumb text from Portfolio Category: <Category> to smth else?
    3) Can the user add more than 6 images for a single portfolio? I could add another gallery with the page builder, but I would like them to be customizable by my customer.
    4) Deactivate single portfolio pages
    6) Can I use any of your page builder elements with another custom post type ? The Post Grid WP Bakery module offers a post type dropdown. I could use that, but I don’t want to restyle everything as I like your styles.

    I know these are not default theme features and I know coding skills are required to achieve this. Any hint or clue instead of “not possible” will be much appreciated.

    Finally, I have a few suggestions for future theme updates:

    !! The user dropdown icon disappears on narrower window widths. I know it’s because of the wp_is_mobile(); function, but what if a user just navigates in a narrow window on desktop ? Also add some kind of visual indicator that shows you’re logged in (green icon color or smth)

    1) For developers. Include SASS files with a simple compiler with the theme and child theme. Also duplicate relevant theme files for overrides as empty commented files with directions. fe: //In this page you can override x, or expand a builder module’s functionality.
    2) Refactor header CSS with flexbox and all the latest positioning features. It will make it smoother, snappier and easier to expand it with custom styles.
    3) Add options for sticky sidebars/widget areas when they reach top. Especially on the shop page & blog page.
    4) Save all your example pages as WP Bakery templates/layouts. The users can then combine sections they like from different pages. They’d serve as examples after you delete unused example pages on live installation. Now I have to keep a localhost wordpress installation with your theme and always check it when I need inspiration for new features.
    5) Add tab element in the mega menu hierarchy, like [column] level.
    6) Add option to create a new widget areas directly in the Widgets page
    7) Use placeholders with image sizes instead of abstract art ones. It will make it easier for users know image sizes/aspect-ratios they need. Example: website .
    8) On background videos, hide video title by default or add options for it.
    9) Add option to scroll an entire full height row at once.

    Thank you for your time and keep up the good work !


    Hi grimhilt,

    thanks for your kind words and welcome to the forums.

    1. GDPR optimization is not theme related. The WordPress systems and WooCommerce are GDPR compatible and the GDPR feature are built-in core features. Additionally, some countries (e.g. Germany) have their own rules, but there are third-party plugins for that.

    2. No, we don’t have modal functionality that can be used for that, but there are tons of plugins available, both free and premium. You just need to find the one that suits your specific needs.


    1. You can simply edit the text string using a plugin like Loco Translate

    2. Yes, using ACF would be an option

    3. I am afraid no. The number of featured images is limited to 6. However, you can simply disable the theme portfolio gallery and insert a custom gallery in the portfolio content

    4. I am afraid that’s not possible. Also, why would need to disable that if you want to change fields only visible on single portfolio page?

    5. I am not really sure what do you mean. Basically, any content element (shortcode) can be used on any post type if you enable the page builder for that post type.


    1. I am afraid we don’t have plans to add pre-processors and metalanguages for this theme. There are functions.php, style.css and rigid-front.js prepared in the child theme. Also, you can simply copy any file from the parent theme to the child theme and overwrite most of the functions with your own, as most of the functions are pluggable.

    2. Using flexbox wherever possible is planned for the next major update. However, I still can’t give you any strict ETA, as we are finishing several other projects at the moment.

    3. We don’t plan to add such functionality, but it can be easily achieved with some simple CSS rules and slight modifications. position:sticky is now supported by most browsers.

    4. We used this approach earlier, but the theme files were too big and some users and lower-tier hosting had problems installing the theme. I’d suggest using a staging environment where you keep the original pages with all elements or just a separate dev installation. Also, we are finishing a full demo admin testground facility on our servers, so users will be able to test-drive any theme page in admin and copy the page code if they need.

    5. I am afraid that’s not in the pipeline, as such a functionality doesn’t really incorporate well within the overall theme styling.

    6. This is not allowed by the envato rules. You can create sidebars in Theme Options > Sidebars > Create custom sidebar

    7. Same as 6. – not allowed by envato rules.

    8. If you use our custom video background feature on rows (or pages) the title is hidden. For the default WP Bakery video background fucntionality – there is nothing we can do, as it’s a third-party plugin.

    9. No such plans I’m afraid, as that would require a serios modification of the WP Bakery plugin core files. However, you can use the Revolution Slider for that. It’s a built in feature and most themes are using it for such sections.

    Hope this helps.




    Than you very much for all your answers.

    Regarding the video title, it is sometimes visible on the site boxed layout on the #supersized div id (didn’t check exactly in backoffice). But don’t worry, i’ll look into that. It’s a quest ! 🙂

    Thank you very much for all the info and have a wonderful week !

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