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    Hello, we’ve now purchased 2 licenses for this theme Lafka (One by us developers, one by our client for their own sandbox). We are seeing several topics asking for custom icons and responses by the author that “unfortunately you can’t do it”.

    Unfortunately “you can’t use other icons” is not an acceptable answer in our case. We are building a shop for a VEGAN store, we need falafel, hummus, bowl, salad, etc. for icons. We have them, we need to be able to import them and use them.

    Can you please point us in the right direction? Any good dev knows that all of this is possible. It is very rare that something on the front end is impossible.

    Hoping to hear some good direction here, because if we cannot import and use other icons, that makes this theme not fitting for us and we will have to seek other solutions and will need to return our purchase.

    Much appreciated!



    Hello pkdev,

    Assuming you’re talking about the menu icons, unfortunately, there is really no way to just “import” new icons and use them out-of-the-box. The theme is using a custom icons set and these are all icons available. In order to include new icons there are two options:

    1. Customize the theme menu walker and replace the icon font with your own. However, this would also require and expert level of PHP, JS and CSS knowledge.

    2. Replace the output of some existing food icons you don’t plan to use with CSS. You can load an additional icon font with CSS and replace the font-family and content rules for the specific icons class with CSS again.

    I am afraid these are the only options.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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