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    Hi I’ve just installed WP and the lafka theme. I am struggling to understand how to add new menu items to the main menu. I have the main demo data imported.

    I’m in the appearance–>menus page.

    I can see the demo menu has for example Sandwiches –> Classic sub …. where classic sub is a category.

    But where is “classic sub” defined as a category. How does the menu know to send the user to “product-categories/sandwiches”. I cant find where this is defined and on the left hand side under the categories tab it shows only “food”, “party time”, “lifestyle” etc..

    Where do I define product categories and where can i see them to add them into the main menu?

    Many thanks


    Ok I seem to be able to view the “product categories” from the live view edit page. There are a lot more options there as opposed to the non live view page. Is that normal?


    Hello mohakem,

    This is not theme related. It’s basic WordPress functionality.

    Product categories are created under Products > Categories.

    Than in the Appearance > Menus there will be a Product Categories tab. If you can’t see it, check under “Screen Options” (top right corner of the Menus page) if the product categories tab is enabled.

    Do not use the live edit page, as this would disable the mega menu functionalities. Always edit the menus under Appearance > Menus.

    Hope this helps.



    Thanks for your reply, it was unchecked in the screen options.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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