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    First let me tell you that your theme is awesome, its just perfect !

    Because i’m a little new to this i’m having trouble to do something really simple.
    Right i finished creating all my menu with Restaurent Menu Plugin, easy step
    Now i’m starting to add all the product under Product with Woocommerce. that’s were i have trouble; Let me explain

    My burger shop is in France, and i want my customer to be able to order a burger alone or a burger with one portion of french fries and one drink that they can choose in a list for example.
    So it will be like this

    1st step: the check just Alone and its 5$

    The Buffalo Burger
    0 Alone 5$
    O Box 8$ (with fries and a drink of your choice)

    2nd step: the select Box

    The Buffalo Burger
    O Alone 5$
    0 Box 8$ > List of drinks the select only one (Coca, Sprite, Water …)

    So it,s some kind of variation under variation.

    Can you help me with this using Lafka Addons ?
    If you have any advanced documation other than the one in the download package, i would apreciate it. I know it can be hard to explain to me but if i can have just a clue i would be so thanksfull


    Hello FeuilleA4,

    I am afraid you can’t have a “variation under variation” and conditional addons. You can only build product addons and make them checkbox (multiple choice) or radio button (single choice). You can also make addons mandatory and select a default one. What you describe just can’t be fully achieved with any theme or plugin that I know.



    Do you have suggestion ?
    Maybe i can make more simple ?
    Do i have to create all variation myself then ?
    For example:

    BUffalo Burger:

    o Alone 5$$
    o Box with Coca 8$
    o Box with Sprite 8$
    o Box with Water 8$
    o Box with 7Up 8$
    o Box with Perrier 8$
    o Box with Orange Juice 8$
    o Box with Capri Sun 8$
    o Box with Oasis 8$
    o Box with Coca Zero 8$

    It look like so bad :p


    Hello FeuilleA4,

    That would be one possibility, but too complicated. I’d suggest creating a standard product and the drinks to be optional addon of radio button type, so the user can only choose one drink at a time.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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