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    Hi guys,

    Thanks for your theme, it’s really great, but I need to clear some minor modifications to CSS. For that I kindly need your help.

    Image 1
    Image 2

    1) Shop background color
    I went through all CSS and tried many modifications with no luck to change background color for shop page. I found in Forum how to change hover color to black, but did not manage to change all page black.
    2) Smaller product images (this option can not be changes in woocommerce settings)
    3) Disable Food MENU autohide when scrolling – can this menu be made fixed?
    4) Remove product category title block

    Thanks in advance!




    Hello hals,

    So sorry for the late reply. We were under quarantine and then there were the Christmas days.

    1. This can only be done with CSS. You’d need to change the background of the #content and the #content > .inner, but prefixed with the .post-type-archive-product body class. Also, note that you may also need to adjust other styles in order to get a completely dark skin.

    2. Product images would always get the size of their container, the only way to achieve this would be to add padding to the image container. However, this may lead to other styling problems.

    3. I am afraid this can’t be done. Only the top menus can be sticky with this theme. The main menu is always scrollable.

    4. Again, this can only be done with CSS. There is no option to “disable” the page title. You’d need to use the .tax-product_cat body class.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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