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    I have a few issues would like to raise, kindly help.

    1) I have key in the shipping address, and without select branch location, the calculation of branches distance and shipping rate are display incorrectly as these 2 location have different address, they should have different shipping rate and distance. Below is the reference url.

    2) For the Location Confirmation Popup, so far it only able to auto complete street address, but in my delivery area, most address is with building name, could you enable the google auto complete address to detect building name as well.

    3) For the Location Confirmation Popup, could you disable google address suggestion so we can fill in address format we want to select the branches without using the auto complete from google due to the inaccuracy could confuse my customer who will think that they cant using delivery


    Hi genwhysdnbhd,

    1. I am afraid we can’t understand the full problem by looking at a partial screenshot out of context. Please, provide a working link and some addresses to test.

    2. I am afraid that would not be possible and it’s not plugin related. It’s how Google Maps API work. You’d need to use official administrative address.

    3. I am afraid no. In order to confirm that it falls within the service area, the address must be “confirmed”/suggested by Google, as it only lists addresses accepted as valid.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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