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    Hello after a long time!

    A few issues after using this amazing theme for about 2 years now.
    HOPEFULLY our requests and suggestions will be heart and implemented since we have used your theme extensively and with these adjustments/additions, it will made it even more competitive and efficient!!!

    (1) Breadcrumbs: Will be great if we can control the settings of them. For example the last trail name, which at the moment is GRAY color and therefore not clearly visible! Is there a code you can share with us to change the color OR will it be possible in future theme updates to add the capability of modifying the breadcrumbs?
    (2) Mobile 2 columns view was a great update and addition to the theme!!! But… we still need more, since more and more users are using mobile to surf the net and having ONLY 2 columns on our shop web site is just not enough since users need to scroll extensively to view items! We know that this problem is faced with many other Rigid theme users! We also acknowledge the possibility of having more columns might not be possible (?) but we just need to find a way (maybe by reducing the thumbnails etc etc etc) t have at least 3 COLUMNS otherwise with the current situation we cannot compete in the user experience with many many other web shops out there!!!
    (3) FULL WIDTH pages: Fullwidth pages are not full width after all. Lots of empty space is left on the right and left screen. Except the “Shop” page at which the screen is almost full…. though even that can be improved since empty space is also left right and left. We need the choice of having a literally FULL WIDTH in all our web site pages!! Like for example EBAY pages! This is so important and if we can have it on the next rigid update that will be great!
    (4) ‘Related Products’ on single product page: We need to have to have 2 or 3 columns here (on mobile) since many many users DO NOT clearly understand that they need to swipe left and right to see more!!!
    (5) Vendors Page: We need to have the choice of having 2 or 3 columns here!!

    Many many thanks for your hard work util now!



    Hello Yiannos,

    Welcome back to the forums.

    1. I am afraid we don’t have plans to include separate breadcrumb color setting, but it can be easily dapated with the following CSS:

    .breadcrumb {
        color: #your-preferred-color;

    2. I am afraid this is just not possible. There is simply no safe way to fit 3 columns on mobiles. The product names alone would be a problem, not to mention the other product data. If it’s that much important for your site, you can probably hire a freelancer to make the necessary changes on your own responsibility. We know the consequences, so we wouldn’t do it.

    3. This is planned for the next major update.

    4. If using the carousel option you jsut can’t have more columns. If set to “grid” instead of carousel, they would adopt the 2 columns on mobile setting for products.

    5. Not really sure which page are you talking about. Please, clarify? Also, are you talking on desktop or mobiles?


    Dear Dimitar,

    Thanks for your quick response.

    1. Thanks. Will that change the complete breadcrumb trail color OR just the last page name color?
    The last page (in bold) is the one shown currently in gray color and that is the only text we would like to change to a different color so that is clearly visible.

    3.4: Noted. Many thanks! We are much anticipating the next major rigid theme update in order to have the FULL WIDTH pages!!

    2.: Well, we trust what you’re saying… though if naming/data/titles etc etc are possibly the problem as you are saying, we can have them optionally removed so that ONLY the pictures of the products are shown! (How ebay achieves the 3 columns products? :)))

    5.: This page is a Rigid Shortcode element (“WCMp Vendors List”) that we have added to a page in order to show all the Vendors. On mobile, is showing the Vendors in a single column…. and that is not user friendly since someone needs to scroll a lot in order to see the vendors. And there is no choice when we are editing that shortcode to make it into 2 columns. Can you give us that choice please?

    Many thanks once again for your help!


    Hi Yiannos,

    1. It would change the last (inactive) portion of the breadcrumbs AND the “/” separator color. The links must be styled using the .breadcrumb a selector.

    5. Here is a CSS snippet:

    @media only screen and (min-width: 300px) and (max-width: 379px) {
    .wcmp_sorted_vendors, .wpb_wrapper > .rigid-wcv-vendorslist, .has-sidebar .wcmp_sorted_vendors, .has-sidebar .wpb_wrapper > .rigid-wcv-vendorslist {
        width: 50% !important;
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    It’d definitely not work in the Theme Options, as it doesn’t support complex selectors for security reasons. You’d need to place the code in the customizer OR in the child-theme’s style.css

    I have just checked your website and it looks like it works fine. Your vendors are listed in two columns on mobiles. May be you need to delete your browser cache.

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