ResolvedCan’t change price of the toppings when the size of the pizza is bigger

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    Our problem is that our pizzas come out in 3 different sizes.
    26,30,45 cm .
    When ordering the 45 cm pizza, the value of the extra toppings, and the packing fee (addons) differ. But we can’t set this option in lafka, even it is a very important thing. Of course, if the pizza is 2 x bigger, the extra toppings cost more..

    I was thinking about using another addons plugin, with conditional logic, but it won’t be good, because i can’t give conditions based on the product attributes.

    It is really important, when someone wants to order a 45 cm pizza, the vale of the extra toppings should be 2x more.
    We should find out a sollution, because we can loose so much money because of this.

    I can’t give them the option to choose toppings for 30 cm pizza or toppings for 45 cm pizza, because if they choose toppings for a 45 cm pizza, and pay with credit card, than we loose money, because we have to add toppings on a 45 cm pizza, when they only paid for toppings on a 30 cm pizza. It would cause so many troubles especialy when paying with credit card.

    Thank you for the help, hope you will find out something good .


    Hello pizzeriasalamone,

    Unfortunately, this is something that just can’t be done. The Lafka addons are set per product, not per variation. I don’t think you can find such functionality even with third party extensions and plugins. There is simply no way to make addons variaton-based.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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