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    How do I alter the size of the logo container in the meraki demo import to accommodate a logo that is horizontally orientated (rectangular 756 X 425) and not square? The container size appears to be designed and oriented to accommodate square logos. I can’t find the code for the header logo container in the theme file editor.

    Or this is not possible what is another option to get optimal display of a 756 X 425 logo in the header…? Using the header background image option cuts off logo no matter orientation selected.

    If there is no solution to accommodate display of said logo please approve a refund with themeforest.


    Hi petethepi,

    Having 756X425 is not only impossible, but also not recommended. It would also be the first website in the world with such a big logo if it was possible. You can adjust the size with CSS, but in much smaller range. 756X425 would take more than half the screen on a standard laptop.

    The current max size is 170×110. It is possible to make it a bit bigger – e.g. 220×110, 240×110, but not more than this and it’s not an easy change as we already explained in your other topic. Also, it is recommended to only increase the width, but leave the max height 110. Otherwise it would break the entire layout of the header. You’d need to change the styles for a lot of elements located around the logo.

    Also, it is highly not recommended to alter the theme code with the “theme editor”. The only proper way to do this would be in a child theme with custom CSS rules.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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