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    I’m having trouble viewing or ordering products. The wheel keeps spinning and does not show the product. The website in question: An example:
    I have deactivated all plugins but nothing helps except deactivating the Lafka plugin itself, which obviously cannot be the intention.

    I will mail you the credentials (your contactpage) incase you need to login to the backend of the shop.

    Can you help me? Thanks in advance!


    In the meantime, I can see/order one product and not another. I don’t get it anymore. An example:
    This does not work:
    It does work with this:

    Anyone want to look at it please? This problem has been on the table for almost 2 days. The credentials have been delivered via your contact form.


    As this problem became more and more urgent, I kept looking for a solution myself. The problem is a bug in the “Countdown the time to the next opening.” option. When this is active, some products work and others do not (cached products?). I have to turn this off and then all products will work.
    I do want to mention that I didn’t like having to solve this myself. I extended my support precisely because of such problems. In other words, I’m paying you to fix this. Now I pay double by investing my own time.
    Hopefully there is a plausible reason that this has happened now and support will run smoother next time.



    Sorry for the late reply. We had some emergency in the office last week.

    As the countdown is now disabled we can’t investigate the issue. Could you, please give us temporary admin access to your site, so we can check what could be wrong?

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    We have just checked your website. Everything works absolutely fine. Enabled the countdowns and there are no errors. I was able to add both products to the cart.

    However, I can see there are several errors in the console, all related to onMessage event.

    Our developers are now checking if there are problems in the theme related to onMessage, but it’s most probably related to some of your other plugins.

    Will let you know if we find something.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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